A2P platform or Application-to-Person software has been gaining momentum in today’s fast-paced e-commerce industry. It has since then reawakened the reputation of Person-to-Person SMS that once lost its charms in the wake of free chatting apps and social media.

A2P platform enables all business types across business stages to optimize its utmost technological features. Our company, PT Triple One Global, has been working in this industry for about one decade. Providing qualified content for SMS becomes our core business. And as the A2P is popular across the world, our firm is offering the same service.

Drivers for our first-rate A2P service

With technology at the heart of our overall business, providing A2P services serves as yet another primary utilization of the invention. Unlike P2P SMS that centers on individual interaction, the A2P platform allows businessmen to maximize their budgets.

This owes to the technological ability to deliver business texts in a timely manner to customers regardless of their locations. On top of that, today’s people rely much on their cell phones. A2P makes the best collaboration output between technology and business.

We have a team of highly responsive and experts on the subject matter. They become our backbone of the A2P service delivery for diverse business goals. Their expertise reinforces the key to SMS performance that depends on quickness.

With real-time attributes, business players will be able to convey business texts to would-be recipients at once. Thanks to the high open-rate, SMS remains the most effective promotional method. It accommodates for various contents, from greeting new subscribers to informing flight schedule. As such, the method is open for all business types, even for governmental institutions.

Our A2P service welcomes clients throughout the world. Equipped with English proficiency, our staff stands ready to assist your business on A2P. We create an internal A2P platform to ensure the system meets your business needs.

For business owners, the A2P system allows for a cost-efficient scheme. From a well-built A2P software, you can send business texts at a more affordable budget. The platform enables you to reach out to as many recipients as possible at a lower expense. This makes the choice more economical. As compared to email marketing, A2P SMS opens for a higher chance of reading. Use A2P SMS for notifying would-be recipients then apply email marketing for delivering more complete business content.

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