The growing A2P market breeds a big number of A2P providers that may confuse potential clients in absence of proper knowledge. The information needs to cover A2P and certain business concerns.

Enterprises or marketers keep their eyes on the A2P market as it records growing traffic statistics. In 2017, 1.67 trillion A2P messages were delivered worldwide. The number slightly rose to around 1.7 trillion two years later. Mobilesquared once disclosed the prediction of A2P traffic that will reach 2.8 trillion in 2022.

There are five factors that determine which A2P providers that suit your interests best, as in the following:

  1. Making sure the provider covers your targeted area

First of all, determine which areas will become your targets. The areas will hold most of your targeted customers. As this becomes clear, learn one area coverage of A2P providers that you know. Accordingly, select the one that provides services in the area. Next, reselect the provider with a good portfolio.

  1.   Understanding coverage type

As a general knowledge, you need to learn a bit about the type of connection. The direct connection contains a direct pathway between the A2P SMS providers and the Mobile Network Operator (MNO). While in the indirect connection, a third SMS provider is required to smoothen connections between SMS providers and an MNO. We recommend you to select the provider with a direct connection. The choice will give a greater chance for quicker delivery time and better delivery reports to the original sender.

  1. Researching providers with a complete report

Look for one that will provide you with a complete report on each of your SMS marketing campaigns. Check whether or not your messages work well. An SMS gateway may not work well because of some reasons. Some of the popular issues regarding this include invalid mobile phone numbers and undelivered sending reports.

With the complete report, you can analyze your performance and draw insightful remarks for upcoming SMS promotional campaigns.

  1. Studying throughput and latency

As clients, it’s imperative for you to understand throughput and latency. They will determine the overall performance of your SMS marketing campaigns. Latency refers to the time that enables action for taking place. Throughput means how many actions can be carried out every unit time.

Therefore, they decide the time for starting SMS procession and transmitting it to the MNOs. Normally, a good SMS gateway needs to process then begin sending messages within milliseconds. SMS gateway itself means servers that take in the form of computers and or software that are designed to deliver and receive messages. The servers are linked to the Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) thus they play vital roles for the SMS performance.

  1. Pricing

Pricing holds as important a place as the above. Pick one that will deliver good service within your budget with business necessity as the basis. Don’t select one that offers a super low price for good service requires time and hard work. At the same time, don’t jump to conclusion that the one with the highest price must serve the best. Compare price offers from some A2P providers then choose one with a competitive price and convincing portfolio.

And our company, PT Triple One Global, can be your top choice among the rest.

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