A2P SMS platform or Application-to-Person Short Message Service platform enables business owners across sectors to reap optimal benefits. The profits range from money and the number of customers to growing trust and loyalty from clients.

A2P SMS platform is mostly known as business messaging. The birth of this innovation offsets declining Person-to-Person or P2P SMS volumes. As a matter of fact, A2P SMS is becoming popular among business players. The fame owes to its function to smoothen customer interaction processes.

A2P system encompasses such a large set of activities. As today’s e-commerce flourishes, the A2P SMS platform enables business owners to engage customers in various ways. For example, they can utilize the strategy to send passwords, authentication procedures, and alerts.

That diversifies marketing broad concept that hopes to connect companies with customers. Companies can work with A2P service providers, such as our firm, PT Triple One Global, for reaching customers. Some smallest promotional acts, such as delivering information on flight schedules, can implant good impressions.

Proofs of A2P Promising Future 

For sure, the uses of A2P SMS don’t come without calculations. SMS messages remain the most-sought marketing channel. It has a 98% open rate, 90% of them are read within 3 minutes! The super high percentage leads to the A2P messaging market that is projected to be worth US$70.32 billion by 2020.

The market value is in line with the growing number of SMS delivery. According to Juniper Research Report “A2P MESSAGING Opportunity, Competition, Forecasts covering 2017-2020 (Deep Dive Data & Forecasting), 2.8 trillion messages will have been sent by 2022.

With the high SMS traffic, businesses can shift to the A2P SMS platform that comes with a more affordable scheme. A2P system enables quick and real-time SMS delivery for ensuring all messages hit the right targeted recipients at intended schedules.

Our company has the software and the staff that will stand ready to assist your business along the way. Our advanced technology will deliver fast-paced and reliable business texts. With the core benefit, you can expect the partnership will save money and turn your marketing campaign more effective.

As your marketing campaign reaches the target, your business may reap maximum profits. For more information and consultation, please click to the Contact section for our further cooperation.

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