By definition, bulk SMS service for business refers to sending a large amount of Short Message Service or SMS about products or services to subscribers’ smartphones. A special service is required for enabling you sending the large volume of texts to many subscribers within seconds.

You’ll need to contact a provider that can offer you with software programs, applications or Application Programming Interface or API integrations for optimizing bulk SMS service for business opportunity. With the chosen service, the provider will connect ready-to-send business SMS to a network’s SMS gateway to ensure the messages are conveyed regardless recipient’s current positions.

Almost all sectors can reap benefits from bulk SMS service for business offer. From finance to entertainment, engaging with customers is much easier and on-target. Some of the services that you can apply include sending promotion code, flight schedule reminder, doctor appointment or simple heartfelt thank you note.

It doesn’t mean that you disregard what your subscribers will feel when it comes to receiving SMS marketing. Make use of the bulk SMS service for business as a way to convince them that your creativity beyond the mass texts remains the same.

Here are some tips to keep the texts eye-catching and beneficial for your business:

bulk sms service for business

1. Make it concise

The simpler, the better. Inform your subscribers what will you inform in concise, less than 160 characters. Choose words that convey your messages straight to the point as well as persuade them to take actions as you wish.

2. Use casual and communicative language

Within that short span, use casual language, especially when most of your subscribers are young people or millennials. Engage them in call-to-action scheme with words that look familiar with them. Don’t hesitate to include funny words to brighten their days without feeling too persuasive.

3. Mention name of your subscribers

There is a wide room for you to make your subscribers feeling ‘special’. One of the ways is by mentioning their names, greetings and exact time and location where they use or purchase your products or services. The small steps can make big differences as they will feel that you create the texts that suit their best interests.

4. State your brand

Avoid spammy thoughts in your subscribers’ heads by mentioning your brands at first at top of the SMS. Or better, use your brand as sender name to boost your professionalism and brand exposure. Pay attention to rule on editing sender ID prior to that.

5. Deploy a branded link

Add a branded link to optimize bulk SMS service for business offer. Branded link refers to a shortened URL that is set up around a brand name or related term that will lead a company with links, content and information that you share online. In addition, customize the branded link to generate traffic. Subscribers will likely click the branded link as it looks neater and trustworthy.

Regularly monitor and evaluate how the branded link and the overall aforementioned tips work for you. Add Urchin Tracking Module or UTM parameters (tags or labels) to your branded links so that you’ll be able to track how bulk SMS messages work out for your business.

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