With most businesses getting online today, a media agency needs to cultivate their clients’ presence in the virtual world. Doing so will expose the clients’ brands for today’s audiences who can’t live without their smartphones.

One of the ways from which one business receives popularity is through customer feedbacks or reviews. The more people leave them, the higher percentage one business gets noticed by others. This particularly applies for positive comments.

That goal doesn’t stop there. For a media agency, customer reviews are just the beginning. They need to gather then analyse feedbacks or reviews for better service for existing clients and upcoming ones.

Bitly is one channel through which a media agency extracts then translate customer feedbacks or reviews into beneficial information. You can learn from how Odd Dog Media optimizes Bitly to produce advantages for their clients. The company firstly comes up with the idea from one of its clients who works in a laundry sector in Seattle.

Odd Dog Media creates a mobile app that enables this client easily sends and gathers reviews via SMS. The company inserts one Bitly link in the SMS. The Seattle-based firm later uses Bitly links to track these text messages, manage review and track engagement. Bitly helps the company ensuring who actually leaves comment on the application.

With the method, the company sees an average click-through rate of 20%. In addition, conversion rates range between 25 and 75%. The conversation rates refer to leaving a review on the platform.

In another client’s case, the agency admits the method leads to 28% click-through-rate and 15% of conversion rate. That says a very strong engagement with their customers.

Although the method doesn’t directly drive to top ranking in Google, positive comments from the customers convince others to make purchase or use service provided by the client.

Bit.ly’s simple format fits well into SMS marketing that normally delivers brand message within such short space. By just clicking the bitly link that is short by nature, receivers can click the link then answer questions or type their comments.