Short Message Service or SMS blasting isn’t something new for marketeers. And how to do SMS blast effectively will assist marketeers or companies engaging subscribers all at once. This innovation meets demands from companies, which of course, don’t want to send a marketing SMS one by one. 

SMS blasting is a technique to send SMS to a large group of subscribers. With the steady popularity of SMS, the SMS blasting remains a top choice for marketeers or companies fulfilling their campaigns’ goals. 

As we previously wrote in this website, SMS still finds ways to spread marketing messages or another campaign purposes despite free chat applications. Subscribers can easily discover your campaigns as they are delivered right at their fingertips. In addition, SMS marketing has a high open rate as compared to emails.

In particular, blasting is more trustworthy for sending over data networks as compared to other forms of communication. So, how to do SMS blast that takes seconds only but play effective roles for your business campaigns? Read our simple guidelines below:

How to Do SMS Blast

1. Select an SMS blast provider

Select then compare services from SMS blast providers in your country. Each of them must offer you SMS blast-related services that you can adjust with your necessity. While budget is unarguably important, bear on your mind how each of the operators can help you to achieve your campaign goals. Holding a deep discussion with each of them can lead you determining which one suits your needs best.

2. Gather all contacts

As you choose the provider, you need to collect all contacts or subscribers that previously need to opt themselves in to receive your messages. Gather all contacts in one particular database for easier usage.

There are two ways for getting the opt ins. You can utilize mobile keywords that will enable contacts texting certain short words. Doing so will opt themselves in to your campaigns. Mobile keywords allow you saving a lot of money. On the other hand, your contacts will find the way easy and comfortable. 

The second one is online signup pages or OSPs. You simply need to inform all contacts for filling out a form on your website before opting themselves in to your campaigns. This method benefits you in a way that you can post the form link on your website or Facebook page. In addition, you can obtain a lot of information from contacts as they will share their preferences and more information. 

3. Send a Text Blast

The last step in how to do SMS blast is sending the message itself. Prior to that, log in to your platform as prepared by the provider. Pick which subscribers you wish to send the message to. Compose the message in the platform and attach Multimedia Messaging Services pictures, links or schedules whenever necessary. 

Hit the send button in the platform to complete all processes in the how to do SMS blast guidance. Don’t forget to track and monitor your campaigns by upgrading your software. 

The whole how to do SMS blast works well for various businesses, from retail, culinary to religious services. Make sure your SMS is on-point for making SMS blasting worth every character of it. 

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