How Use SMS Marketing ? today, there are already very many promotional media of a product in adding value to their products, one of which is by using SMS media.

In addition to promotions, SMS can be used as a medium of information and reminder of bills, and many other uses of SMS marketing to promote a product.

How Work SMS Media and Use SMS Marketing ?

Promotional SMS sent 98% were opened by target customers, with 91% messages opened within three minutes. This makes sense because SMS is a medium that is still widely used both by private, public service agencies, and the business world.

SMS is considered faster and more personal so that the recipient will feel the message is really intended for the recipient.

Compared to other media such as brochures and leaflets, SMS ranks first because it can get to the target as expected. Information conveyed via SMS can also be directly read because it is not through the process of downloading. Also, the price of SMS is relatively cheaper than the cost of making brochures, leaflets, and other media.

SMS Marketing

How SMS Using Brand Name Sender ID is Important for Your Brand

If in the email you can describe as long as any words to convey the message, SMS is only limited to 160 characters.

However, this is an advantage as well as a challenge for companies to be able to make a message that is concise, concise, and clear.

Short messages can be read and understood faster by customers, compared to email messages that tend to belong, and customers tend to be lazy to read messages too long.

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Introduction to product introduction that directly introduces your brand is very important in making SMS blasts to target customers,

this will make the target customers immediately recognize the Brand that you send only by via an SMS. When target customers are familiar with your brand, the likelihood of profits from your business will increase.

Using Brand Name Sender ID

Therefore, using SMS sender ID from your brand name is very important for the development of your business processes. Not only that, this function will increase the credibility and professionalism of an agency or product in the eyes of the customer.

SMS using sender ID has proven to be effective in introducing your products to potential customers, and many large companies have started to market their products by utilizing SMS masking as a marketing medium for their products. If you need SMS Blast services. We, TOG Indonesia gladly help you. For more information, click the link below


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