LBA SMS is the abbreviation of Location-Based Advertising Short Message Service. As it suggests, the term refers to delivering marketing texts to recipients living in certain geographical areas only.

The LBA SMS stems from technological advancement. It enables telecommunication operators to collect information on the geographical locations of the places they visit. That’s made possible thanks to the smartphone cell ID that is linked to the Base Transceiver Station (BTS).

Usually, an SMS service provider works with all telecommunication operators. The partnership yields the location information that can serve as an important guideline on SMS marketing campaigns.

With this method, marketers or business owners will send promotional content to the right audiences. The provider will provide contact numbers who will highly likely open the marketing texts.  The texts won’t be sent randomly.

Trimming the operating cost

Selecting the LBA SMS can significantly lower your marketing budget. You can deliver various marketing texts to on-point would-be recipients. That makes your promotion campaign more effective.

Like other methods of SMS marketing campaigns, the LBA SMS accommodates your texts on brand introduction and exposure, service or product promotion, event information, or flight rescheduling.

You’ll need to first formulate which locations of the potential recipients. For example, you intend to buy a new store in South Jakarta. You can demand the SMS provider to deliver the store promotion to residents in South Jakarta. The same goes for an event that will take place in Central Jakarta, for instance. Collaborate with the provider thereby the event will be exposed to the residents living nearby.

On the other hand, the LBA SMS benefits consumers. Suppose as consumers, you pass through an area in the heart of Jakarta. Coincidentally, you receive a marketing text that informs the nearest restaurant or event closest to your house. The information benefits you in two ways. You obtain other alternatives aside from existing restaurants or upcoming events you already know. Who can’t resist affordable and good-quality restaurant services, right?

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