By definition, mobile advertising SMS means sending product and service promotions through mobile phones. The method has long been existing in the marketing sector and many still utilize it until today.

Mobile advertising SMS is best suited to email marketing and web push notifications. Although nowadays, Short Message Service (SMS) seems old-fashioned. But for marketers, the platform doesn’t lose its charms. In fact, it still has a high open-rate percentage given the growing number of today’s smartphone users.

Enduring Benefits of Mobile Advertising SMS

With the high-open rate percentage, companies and organizations have great chances to expose their brands. Customers will likely open the SMS to later study their brands. Unlike free chatting apps or email marketing, mobile advertising SMS excels on gadget usage distribution.

A marketing text will still reach audiences in spite of absent internet connection. They can still read the promotion provided that the telecommunication signal is available. Advanced technological innovation allows a bulk, marketing text to net global audiences. You can even set the delivery timing that complies with time differences.

You can narrow your targeted audiences. A further collaboration with SMS providers, like our company, enables you to send marketing texts to recipients in certain areas. In short, mobile advertising SMS works best for global and local businesses.

Bulk SMS highly identifies with fast-delivery. Ensure you have recipients’ contacts before you convey the messages. Within a few seconds, the SMS providers will bring the texts to the intended recipients’ hands.

To further optimize the marketing benefits, combine SMS marketing with email marketing and web push notifications. A marketing text contains 160 characters at the maximum. You can add your website company for allowing the recipients to get more from the campaign.

Or you can send email marketing and web push notifications to ensure the recipients fully comprehend your messages. A bulk SMS is a good way to get noticed. Complementing it with the other channels will make it more comprehensive.

Guidelines to Create Effective SMS Messages

Aside from email marketing and web push notification, it’s worthy to know guidelines to create effective SMS marketing messages. With 160 characters, you need to keep the content concise and convey call-to-action messages.

Make a marketing text that firstly asks for recipients’ permissions. Create a sense of personalized attribute by calling their names. Get creative within that limited space, for example, by inserting popular terms or words at the moment. You’ll require some time for studying how to make one but through experiments, you’ll know which type of message lands best at their hearts.

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