SMS banking serves the needs of many bank customers who mostly live days in motion. A lot of banks still deploy the method to reach out to their customers as they move from place to place via mobile phones.

SMS banking remains effective for performing tasks despite the seemingly old-fashioned image it is attached to. It helps bank customers to check their transactions, transfer money, pay electricity bills, pay phone credit, and many more. It offers practicality, speed, and easiness.

How to use SMS banking

There are two ways by which you can start using SMS banking. The first one refers to typical SMS which sees users type certain codes depending on the transaction. Later, the users will need to deliver the message to the number provided by the bank. For example, if you wish to transfer some money, simply type the account source, the account destination, nominal, and password.

The second method refers to SMS Toolkit. The customers firstly access the menu from SIM Card depending on the providers. Each provider has a different SMS banking menu. The customers need to register with their banks to obtain a password prior to accessing the service.

The service allows the customers to experience easy and practical banking services wherever they are. By using their mobile phone, they can conduct many services as mentioned earlier.

The users can still connect to the service although they have no internet connection. This is what makes the method surpass internet banking that demands internet connection. From the security side, financial transactions using SMS are safe and secure. The service doesn’t depend on external obstacles, such as power failure and internet connection.

As end-users, you simply need to pay a small amount of phone credit for each transaction that you will create. For banks, the method will help create a seamless customer experience. They don’t have to spend hours lining up in bank counters for simple transactions. In turn, this will enhance customer trust.

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