As the rapidly-growing economy, Indonesia depends on Jakarta, its capital as the centre for commerce. The business climate in the city remains attached to SMS blasting, much like what happens in other cities in the world. SMS blast Jakarta, as the name suggests, refers to broadcasting SMS using an SMS vendor in the capital.

It has been widely known that though Short Message Service or SMS is quite old-fashioned, it remains pivotal for digital marketing. A lot of marketers of enterprises utilize SMS blasting for reaching potential customers and engaging with existing ones.

With the rising number of smartphone, SMS finds its way to embrace more and more subscribers. As a matter of fact, 98% of targeted customers will open a promotional SMS, 91% of which takes within three minutes only. Modern people still use SMS for personal, business and governmental purposes. Many consider SMS as more personnel and fast platform for conveying messages.

For sure, the far-reaching and personalized perspective attributes put SMS above conventional promotional methods; such as spreading brochures or leaflets. Undoubtedly, this takes the major portion for marketers or enterprises selecting best vendor for SMS blast Jakarta, too.

The second element refers to budget. Compared to the traditional promotional platforms, SMS opens for more affordable cost scheme. With the relatively lower cost, marketers or enterprises can reach a wider audience as compared to those who will read stickers, brochures, pamphlets or even billboards.

Another important element lies on the SMS etiquette. We recommend you for selecting SMS blast Jakarta vendor that provides SMS Masking technology. The innovation offers valid identity on behalf of a company’s name. This suits best for business-to-business or business-to-customer purposes. With the strategy, marketers or enterprises can minimize possible risks of negative impression. Most of the time, subscribers will dismiss SMS with private cellphone numbers only. If this occurs frequently, they will highly block the sender’s phone number let alone purchase something from them.

There are some aspects that require preparation if you’re interested at creating SMS masking for SMS blast Jakarta. Manually, you’ll need to set up SMS blast infrastructure and work with SMS masking providers that will connect you with all operators in Indonesia, such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and Three.

Cut that short by choosing SMS blast Jakarta vendor that partners with the operations in the first place. With PT Triple One Global, all you need is making attractive SMS masking content. We will handle all technical things thus you can focus on the content only. Our core business on technology at the large extend suffices for making the technical side manageable and reliable for your business goals.

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