SMS blasting is the old-fashioned communication channel that remains pivotal and popular for both individual and corporation in delivering various purposes. The tool can be used from engaging with potential customers to serving as a digital marketing strategy tool.

SMS blasting enables senders conveying messages to abundant number of recipients regardless their current residences within 160 characters. The distinctive feature invites the senders formulating proper strategies. The technique is for encouraging the receivers doing certain actions in that very limited space.

Deploying SMS weaves more personal connection for the recipients, making this platform unique as compared to brochures and advertisements that aim at large audiences. The quality becomes one of the factors that make people keep checking their inboxes when receiving an SMS despite attractive offers on free chatting apps.

The high open rate of SMS suffices for making the platform a top priority for enterprises in their digital marketing strategies. In addition, SMS is relatively affordable. There are a lot of SMS providers that offer potential and existing clients with so-called “derivative” sub-strategies. The methodologies stem from today’s ever-changing technological development.

For example, they will change their clients’ numbers into their company names. The method will convince the recipients on the reputation of the senders. Moreover, they will provide marketing analytics for evaluating how effective or not effective the marketing campaigns.

SMS blasting can’t get more in sync with technological advancement than today’s growing number of smartphone user. The term, also called as SMS broadcasting, accommodates for Business-to-Business companies and Business-to-Customer firms.

Formulating Effective Strategies Remain Important

Despite the aforementioned advantages, your company’s internal strategy holds the most essential of all. Bring together all marketing team members for general concept along with the goals of the SMS-based marketing campaign. Detail the goals into several or a lot of text samples, depending on the purposes. For example, you may break down the concept into texts for product promotion, new store opening and customer reminder.

The smaller purpose will lead into call-to-action 16 characters. We recommend you studying style of “successful” SMS campaign that is proven to have encouraged subscribers doing as expected. You need to maintain the consistency of the SMS marketing while not annoying them.

The next phase is integrating your SMS marketing with other channels, such as email, social media and website. Each of the tools is distinctive. Ensure you optimize the best quality of each of the platforms for boosting overall digital marketing advantages.

At last, conduct regular evaluation, research and analyse every single SMS campaign. Draw good and bad aspects from each of them before coming up with best practice of SMS promotional text.

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