SMS broadcast stands against the test of time in the world of business. In the light of free chat app and social media, the communication tool has been surprisingly widely in use thanks to its high opening rate.

The advanced technology contributes to the more popular usage of Short Message Service/SMS. SMS providers discover new ways to link companies with existing customers and potential ones. Our company, PT Triple One Global, for instance, teams up with Indonesia’s telco operators for ensuring our clients’ marketing texts hitting as many and on-target contacts.

The collaboration yields two profound benefits. With smart content making, each SMS will hopefully evoke personal relation between one brand and its subscribers. Gone are the days when SMS broadcast bombarded our phone with low-qualified promotional texts several times within one day.

The latest research on SMS broadcast produces relevance between brand value and targeted contacts. As such, SMS providers will only send marketing texts to those that mostly read it. This minimizes possible unread promotional texts.

The goal is made possible with the cooperation between SMS providers and telco firms. The latter provides a number of contacts that will possibly accept then read promotional texts. Furthermore, SMS providers will insert a company name as an SMS sender to convince would-be recipients on serious and good intention behind the text delivery.

The recipient will immediately know which party that acts as the sender. We recommend for adding links in an SMS thereby recipients will obtain more information on how to purchase product.

SMS broadcast accommodates for various business sectors, especially service sectors, such as banking, tourism and accommodation. What’s as much important factor lies on content making that needs to adjust with changing consumer behaviour. With millennials taking the centre stage of today’s marketing segment, we suggest all marketers to compose texts that get into their hearts.

Casual, fun but qualified words can best represent their tastes. Whether or not business sector mostly targets them, the content concept works best for all sectors. For more information on the concept, kindly fill up our Contact segment.

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