SMS bulk sender refers to companies or individuals who deliver mass texts to a huge number of recipients via telco providers. The role is getting critical for at least three sectors as being unfolded in the following paragraphs.

SMS bulk senders hope to deepen customer relationships for business players and add the frequency of communications as well. The strategy utilizes cutting-edge technology that allows the senders for reaching out to subscribers. In addition to the telco operators, an SMS content provider plays a vital role, as well.

Samples of Sectors that Require Bulk SMS Services

Bank and Insurance

SMS bulk senders help banks and insurance companies enhance their customer service values at a cost-efficiency scheme. Banks and insurance firms can use SMS business texts for sending verification codes to account holders. Other examples are delivering balance information, one-time PIN codes and passwords, direct debit notifications, and many more.

The companies will save a lot of operating expenses because the technology costs are cheaper as compared to other mass communication tools. At the same time, today’s customers are still willing to receive then open Short Message Services. This gives a high open-rate percentage that opens chances for bigger leads.

IT and Online Services

Typically, IT and Online Service companies use business SMS for creating a reliable and safe digital experience for subscribers. The firms choose the strategy for sending two-factor authentications and various notifications. For example, they can deliver SMS on available account balance, price changes, and newly added functionality.

The firms can rely on the strategy for ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of users’ data. The companies need to partner with professionally-proven content providers for protecting the customers’ data. At the same time, this will prevent possible data theft and hacking cases.


In the e-commerce sector, business SMS is mostly used for sending coupon codes, sale notifications, and special deals for individual customers. The strategy will work both ways, attracting new subscribers, and keeping the old ones faithful. The companies in the sector can inform at the first hand about the messages via business SMS. The customers will find the method a good way of letting them get the desired products before anybody else. The method may create “an exclusive state” for the customers. With the small step, they will sense personalized treatment from the companies and will stick to them for longer terms.

Those are only a handful of business sectors that need bulk SMS service. Of course, our company, PT Triple One Global, can assist your companies in the sectors and others, too. Big or small, trust our expertise and experience for your business.

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