SMS Campaign – This website peeled benefits of Short Message Service or SMS marketing in the previous articles. Wide percentage of readable messages becomes the most prominent advantage of SMS marketing. Your subscribers will likely open an SMS marketing once it lands at their smartphones.

Amidst the effective attribute of the promotion tool, you can’t dismiss the fact that some dislike this marketing method. You will be left with a daunting task to embrace them as your new subscribers. They directly delete an SMS marketing because of various reasons, some of which relate to how a company or a third party on behalf of the firm compose an SMS marketing campaign.

We will thus share three ways to enrich your SMS campaign examples to prevent them doing the same thing to you.

  1. Using First Person Narrative

Treat your subscribers as your close friends. Address them by using first person, such as “I” and “you”, whenever you will send a SMS marketing campaign. The tactic is simple and communicative. They will feel they are really part of the marketing campaign you deliver. Find how that works in the example below:

SMS Campaign Examples on Discounted Products

Third person narrative:

We offer 30% discount for our new clothes to welcome our store opening on July 15, 2020. Come and upgrade your fashion style at affordable price ever!

First person narrative:

Thinking of upgrading your fashion but unsure on the budget? Grab 30% discounts for shopping at our new store starting on 15 July 2020. See you there, buddies!

  1. Fun and Casual

No one can’t deny the power of humour. The sort of communication means refreshes everyone who reads it and leaves positive impacts. That applies for SMS marketing. During short space in every SMS marketing, bear in your mind that the communication tool relies on storytelling.

Today’s millennials love storytelling that entertain them in casual scheme without neglecting serious target behind each SMS marketing that you send. Consider putting the theory into practice as we did in the following example:

Lick your fingers more often. Catch 15% off for every fried chicken purchase. Hold it tight and sure enough, you don’t want to let it go.

  1. Greeting Subscribers’ Names

Create an intimate relation with your subscribers by calling their names. Do this even as you remind them on upcoming expiration regarding their subscriptions. This small act can make them feeling appreciated. This shows how much you think about their interests before inviting them to read your SMS marketing. Take a look at the below sample.

Dear Mr. Joseph. We’re sending you this to remind you on the Take That in Jakarta Concert on August 11, 2020. Thank you and enjoy the show.