SMS gateway application makes way for business texts running from senders to recipients. It provides a mechanism for delivering and receiving SMS from mobile gadgets via Short Message Service Centre (SMSC).

SMSC is a network of cellular phones that takes responsibility for SMS delivery. SMS delivers an SMS to targeted numbers as the sender instructs so via their smartphone. In addition to them, we can utilize the mechanism for delivering SMS via computers, one of them is via a web-based application.

Examples of the Application 

SMS Gateway applications can be mostly found in business applications. The applications will support various commercial activities, such as broadcasting promotion and distributing products or services. The platform is relatively easy to use. You can use the platform using modem GSM/CDMA.

There are some free SMS Gateway applications based on websites that will accommodate SMS gateway creation. Gammu & Wammu, for instance, is a library for generating the platform. Web developers will find the library easy to create a simple SMS Gateway application. They require a PHP script and MySQL database alongside Gammu & Wammu for realizing the purpose. Wammu itself is the GUI version of Gammu.

The second app is Kalkun, a web open-source gateway that’s ready to use. The app requires no coding. It contains a setting that includes modem type, port number, and others that are available at the GUI. The app installation resembles much of that in the Content Management System (CMS). This app contains Multiple database backends, Multiuser, Conversation, Flash SMS, Custom folder management, SMS bomber, SMS advertisement, and Simple Auto Reply.

The third app is PlaySMS which has been existing since 2003. It’s a web-based mobile portal that is flexible for handling services, such as bulk SMS, personal messaging systems, and group or corporate communication devices.

While the last app is Kannel, an open-source application for WAP and the gateway. Unlike the previous apps, Kannel is only available for development in UNIX (Linux) systems. Kannel provides services for sending SMS via computers that are equipped with a modem, WAP Push Service, and mobile internet connectivity. Web developers need to understand how to program and utilize basic instructions prepared by Kannel.

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