SMS Gateway Cost is one question that will stimulate one’s curiosity as they are about to select proper SMS providers. Prior knowledge on this matter will equip you with complete input before calculating the budget for SMS marketing campaign then picking one provider.

So, how much does SMS Gateway really cost? Or, you can change the question into how much does it cost to send one SMS? Cost of service is an important factor that needs to top your mind before choosing one SMS provider. Generally, SMS Gateway providers fall into two groups in terms of the cost of service:

1. Credit-based

For this scheme, you’ll buy a number of credits from an SMS Gateway provider. Pay attention to which country you’ll send an SMS because this will determine how many credit costs you’ll have to pay. For instance, sending an SMS text message to India may cost you one credit while two credits will apply for sending one text message to the United States.

2. SMS-based

Or you can choose SMS-based cost scheme. In this regard, you’ll purchase a number of SMS messages from an SMS Gateway provider. Unlike the first scenario, the second one imposes the same cost. For example, you can deliver at most ten SMS messages regardless the destinations.

Up to this point, you can draw a conclusion that cost per credit costs more than cost per SMS message.

Studying SMS Gateway cost needn’t stop at there. Digging on hidden costs is necessary for your extra understanding on how SMS providers serve their customers in terms of the cost. A few SMS Gateway providers don’t wholly mention all the fees in the pricing page of their website. You may ask for this aspect for obtaining comprehensive information. One example that needs further questioning is setup fees.

The last element for the topic lies on the minimum purchase requirements or monthly minimum usage requirements. Ask for complete information on minimum purchase requirements as some SMS providers set the rule. For example, you’ll need to buy 1,000 credits or more each time.

Another SMS provider lays out another rule that requires no minimum purchase requirement. Choose this SMS provider type for when you’re unsure your SMS application will bear fruition. Buy a small number of SMS messages or credits as a good starter. Add the numbers when your SMS marketing campaign nets more subscribers.

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