SMS marketing remains catchy amidst free chat applications that garner more and more people preference. Corporations and institutions utilize SMS marketing for two advantages.

SMS marketing has high open rate. People will most likely look at SMS notifications on their smartphones. They will read the SMS sooner or later that result in higher readable percentage as compared to emails.

Secondly, SMS marketing will likely reach wider audiences as compared to free chat applications. While the latter requires reliable internet connection, SMS marketing simplifier the prerequisite. SMS marketing can outstretch people who live in remote areas provided that telecommunication network is good.

In light of the benefits, maximize your promotion through this channel. Use SMS marketing for simply engaging with audiences to promoting new products or services. Although there are general content standards, you need to cultivate creativity.

Through personal and attractive texting, you’ll find receivers pay attention to the information you send. We thus share with you SMS marketing templates below:

SMS Marketing Templates for promotional text messages

Promotional text message is among widely-used SMS marketing we know of. The SMS marketing include various promotions, such as new product or service, upcoming event, discounts and exclusive sales. With a call to action on top of mind, here are our templates for the SMS marketing:

Example 1
Great news ever! New year’s special sale is coming your way. Drop by at our Posh boutique for 20% off for every item. Hurry up before we close the promotion by Jan 31 st !

Example 2
Enjoy 15% discount on your first purchase on, send “KDOFF” to 3311 to get the coupon.

Example 3
The Universal Ensemble 2020 is about to rock the town! Get early bird at 25% discount before 25 Jan 2020. Visit www.theuniversalensemble for more info.


SMS Marketing Templates for text notifications

The second one is for existing customers. Sending text notifications help your companies engaging with them. In turn, they will realize how your companies work at best to put their interests forward.

Example 1
Dear Mrs. Yann. We would like to inform you that we sent the package this morning and will reach your residence by tomorrow morning. Click here (address) for checking the order. Best regards (business name).

Example 2
We deeply regret that we have to cancel your health check-up for February 17 th at 1 PM as Dr. Sandy is ill. Kindly inform (insert the link) for rescheduling. YourGoodDoctor.

Example 3
This is to inform that your order is being processed. Upon the completion, please check your account at in an hour for verification.


SMS Marketing Templates for reminder texts

You can utilize SMS marketing for reminding customers or potential clients. This is important as today’s consumers face excessive information within their smartphones.

Example 1
Within the end of the month, your subscription is going to expire. Type a “order” text to “666777” to extend the subscription. Sincerely,

Example 2
This is to remind you that you will have to attend Wonderful Life concert with Mariah Carey on July 15 at 8 PM. More info, kindly visit


SMS Marketing Templates for SMS Banking

Banking is one of the sectors that use SMS marketing a lot. The method helps all banking staffs to communicate with their customers for financial transactions. Sending effective SMS banking will help them earning trust from the customers as they will include transaction numbers or amounts of money. At the same time, the customers won’t have to visit their banks for printing transaction records.

Example 1
We successfully completed your payment worth US$150 for paying on 11.01.2020. Your balance is now US$2,136.75. (Your company name)

Example 2
This is to inform you that we received transfer amounting US$350 from this account number (insert the number) on 24.02.2010 at 09:15 AM. Top Bank Ltd.

Example 3
EliteBank: the current balance on your account is US$425,78. Please visit: for self-checking. Thank you.


Templates for business SMS polls

The last purpose is using SMS marketing for completing feedbacks from customers. Create simple yet effective marketing poll about your brand, product or service. Or you can make the poll to analyse their behaviours in consumption. All you have to is making the poll then post it online. Later, send SMS messages to inform them about the poll then vote through a text message. Check our templates below:

Example 1
Which of our products that you mostly loved last year?
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4
Your vote matters so much for us. Best regards, TheKindFurniture

Example 2
Which is your favourite food type this year?
Food Type 1
Food Type 2
Food Type 3
Hope our templates can add into your already inspiring ones.