SMS masking emerges to anticipate possible doubtful remarks from would-be recipients on the validity of a marketing text. This innovation can tackle spammy reputation that may attach to a marketing text without clear identity in the first place.

SMS masking refers to an SMS broadcast service that allows a sender to bring up its brand, organization or company name in a recipient’s cellular phone screen. They can, too, customize that into product or service name.

SMS masking makes a marketing text or information more credible and professional. Would-be recipients will get good impression and most likely open your marketing text. They won’t think of it as illegal SMS or spam one. The use of SMS masking depends on a company’s contract with an SMS provider.

Applying SMS masking isn’t limited to promote product or service. You can make use of it for greeting loyal customers in national holidays. Deploy SMS for saluting on New Year, Happy Birthday or Religious Holidays. The simple tactic will enhance your company’s good reputation in the eyes of existing customers.

The second usage is for delivering announcement related to your brand. For example, planned workshop or seminar, that will further deepen the relationship between your firm and recipients.

Reminding recipients on due payment will be more effective through SMS masking. The strategy will strongly upgrade your brand value as how much you care about their matters. You can remind them on upcoming bill payment, such as insurance or bank instalment. Combining the text marketing purpose and the method serves as double standard to improve your positive image.

The next activity is for product or service promotion. You will find it easier to convince would-be recipients opening and even buying the product or the service. The last one is inserting SMS masking for conveying One-Time Password/OTP. OTP is getting important in today’s advanced technology that opens room for privacy violence.

SMS OTP consists of some codes with short duration for confirming purchase and financial transaction. Social media company also uses SMS OTP to verify our activity the first time we use the platform.

Given the importance of SMS masking, we recommend you working with an SMS provider that is equipped with the service. In case you need one, please take a look at our company profile. We’re ready to provide you with proper service on that matter.

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