SMS profiling stems from SMS marketing campaign with targeted recipients at mind. The strategy is expected to propel sales as it reaches those who intend or require products or services from the senders.

Our company, PT Triple One Global, has been providing SMS profiling service for numerous clients across Indonesia. For the service, we facilitate Indonesia’s enterprises to engage with both the new and existing customers.

Our partnership with the country’s telecommunication providers enables the clients to deliver SMS marketing campaigns to certain group of recipients. For instance, they can send the promotional campaigns to targeted female audiences only.

In addition, we assist our clients to deliver the messages for customers under certain age groups. They can carry out the similar thing for potential recipients living in some cities only. The clients can request to do the similar campaign according to recipients’ cellular phone type.

We surely offer the services for you, who wish to upgrade your promotional method through SMS marketing. SMS profiling narrows SMS marketing campaign to on-point and effective promotional method.

Benefits of SMS profiling 

With tight competition on the Internet, you’ll wish to spend operating cost on the right targets. This will turn into higher chances of product or service buying. We welcome you to hold in-depth discussions on what type of customers you’re wishing to engage.

Are your products mostly suitable for female or male? Are your services mostly needed for citizens in big cities only? Are your brands usually used by people with high-end cellular phones?

Coming to the profiling elements closely relates to your business strategy. To save time, consider to put the elements into your marketing strategy with SMS profiling as one of the tools to gain more potential buyers. In short, SMS profiling brings SMS marketing campaigns further than mere brand exposure. The method leads you to more would-be customers.

SMS profiling makes you throwing arrows that will hit the goal, not launching ones that will go nowhere.

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