SMS promotion comes with certain ethics to ensure your business reputation remains impressive and bona fide. Short Message Service/SMS is a good way for marketers or business owners to put forward customers’ rights above commercial gains.

Despite easy and affordable traits of SMS promotion, marketers or business owners must take into accounts some tips to set up a solid foundation at target recipients’ hearts in the first place. Like a small and agile ball that is ready to roll, marketers or business owners are bound to see positive outcome in the near or long-terms.

Among the ethics are in the following points:

  1. Obtaining Recipient’s Permit

It’s the first tip that holds true for all purposes, including in SMS promotion. Some consider this is an optional. As SMS promotion is going to be a long-term marketing tool, consider their permits are obligatory. Their understanding and voluntary decisions are beneficial entrance for nurturing relationship between the two.

Obtaining their licenses can be done in two ways. Work with an experienced SMS provider, like our company, to create a campaign collateral. The campaign necessities customers to type an opt-in keyword to a short code. For instance, “Text YES to 55444 to get special info!”

The second method is by asking for customers checking an opt-in box to get e-newsletter on company’s products, sign up for another service and demand other information.

  1. Attaching an Opt-Out Option

SMS promotion is a personal way to reach customers by heart. With that said, respect their privacy by providing an opt-out option every time sending a marketing text. Include the option in clear and short words, such as “Text NO to opt out”, by the end of the text.

  1. Surveying the “Convenient” Time

Send a marketing text that fits with recipient’s business hours, from 9 am to 5 pm, in respective countries. The small tip conveys two functions. This opens a higher readability percentage as they hold smartphone or cellular phone during the hours.

The second goal will create a positive image in front of the recipients. Imagine if a marketing text reaches their fingers in the middle of the night? They may easily think such senders understand no ethic and privacy. Despite modern technology, customers still think of business ethics. They may promptly conclude a business reputation from that simple act.

  1. Becoming “Customers’ Friends”

Simple actions can make big differences. The saying holds true for SMS marketing campaign. Materialize that a business or brand is close at their hearts by including their names in the text. Mentioning their activities, such as recent purchase, shipping update and appointment schedule brings as important as the first one.

Study their shopping behaviour for coming up with relevant marketing text that suits their activities best. We hope all of the old tips will get refined in SMS marketing campaign for long-lasting and profitable promotion strategy.

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