Have you ever used SMS Blast to market your product? Or maybe an easier question, have you ever received it? If you live in Jakarta and have the telephone number of one of the state-owned telecommunications operators, you will often get promo SMS from 2 leading donut retailers, right?

According to statistical data as reported by US Mobile Phone Marketing, more than 90% of the world’s population has a cell phone. Almost all cell phone owners can communicate via text short messages. Text messages sent via one cell phone to another cell phone are referred to as short messages commonly referred to as SMS. SMS stands for Short Message Service.

Among many other marketing strategies, why do you business people need to do SMS marketing? Isn’t this the old-fashioned way?

Have you ever asked why there are still many marketing messages from restaurants or other companies that enter the SMS inbox on your cellphones? Why do most corporations still use this method? Even according to the above research, SMS Marketing has been applied for more than 20 years.

There are many advantages to marketing strategies via SMS which we will explain later so that you are sure to do SMS marketing. But the most basic reason is still related to a large number of cell phone users in the introductory paragraph before. You can see how customers or buyers depend on these communication devices. So it makes sense if you also communicate with your customers or buyers through these media.

Not only ordinary or traditional cellphones, now smartphone users or commonly called smartphones also continue to increase dramatically. Based on the latest research conducted by eMarketer, the number of smartphone users in Indonesia will increase from 55 million users in 2015 to 92 million in 2019. Currently, Indonesia is the 3rd largest smartphone sales market in the Asia Pacific region (after China and India). In the Asia Pacific, there are more than one billion smartphone users.

SMS Blast

Things to Consider About Marketing Strategy Using SMS Blast in 2019

Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS Blast

Things to Consider About Marketing Strategy Using SMS Blast in 2019

This SMS Marketing can be done in minutes and received by customers in minutes too. The time required by the recipient of the message is less than 3 minutes. In composing the message or text that you want to convey, all that remains is to string words that are interesting and to the point. Do you want to offer special items that are likely to be liked by customers personally or send a chain message containing a discount on your product price? You do not need to bother arranging your ideas into complicated shapes, only in the form of short words that are useful. Unlike advertising in the media that need a long time planning from collecting ideas to the execution and placement of the ad itself.

Suitable for All Types of Mobile Devices

Via SMS, you don’t need to worry if your message is unreadable by certain mobile devices. Because this SMS can be accessed from any device, whether traditional cell phone or smartphone.

Environmentally Friendly

You surely know that billboards on the roadside, or even just leaflets like a brochure that is normally distributed by shops, are a form of marketing that has a significant impact on the environment, but not directly damaging. Imagine brochure papers made from trees that can be removed can be eliminated by online marketing or, more specifically, SMS marketing.

Personal and Direct

Compare this personalized marketing SMS with emails sent by the system. Moreover, the emails you send accumulate in your customer’s inbox and can be classified as spam.

No Big Cost

Unlike other marketing strategies that tend to require large costs, with this SMS marketing, you can save more costs. Compare the costs of creating and placing advertisements on television or billboards that you have to spend. Or printing brochures that you do in printing that costs the following design costs for printing ink brochure content.

The Purpose of SMS Marketing

SMS Blast

Before executing your plan to do SMS marketing, it helps you do a basic and comprehensive review first. Use the method we call SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Specific). This method needs to be applied because your SMS marketing needs to be on target and clear, so that communication in the form of an SMS campaign is successful.

Manage SMS Marketing Together

This SMS marketing cannot be done by just one person. The SMS campaign that you want to do needs to be discussed together by the specific goals that have been mutually agreed upon, especially with the marketing department and public relations if your corporation has it.

Clear Call for Customer Actions

For the sake of making a short message that encourages customers to make transactions, whether buying products or renting services, you need to pay attention to the contents of the SMS you want to share. The message you want to convey must be clear and inspire the reader to think about what you are conveying. Make leads that provoke customer curiosity. Don’t let the recipient delete your message directly in their inbox without reading it first. Pay attention to your keywords and don’t make words that are too long or stiff as sent by the system.

Request Customer Permission in Advance

You should get permission from the customer before you send an SMS campaign. But this can be compromised as happened to telephone network providers who send automated messages to their customers. However, usually, the provider gives a specific code whose purpose is to ask whether the customer is interested or not in the package offered. Then the provider can provide a shortcode that can be used by customers to take advantage of the promos offered for example “Type Yes / No send to 888”. For those of you who want to send message personally to customers, during the first transaction, for example, you can ask your customers face to face or directly, “Can we ask for your telephone number? We will inform you if the items you are interested in are available in our store “and so on.

Knowing The SMS Marketing Rules and Conditions

Doing SMS marketing in Indonesia itself has also been regulated by regulations and policies. The established legal basis consists of two parts, namely for the implementer and for the customer as his rights. You can consult with consulting services from telecommunications institutions in Indonesia so that your company can carry out SMS marketing more safely, not harming your customers and corporates. Also, you can find trusted references from the official regulatory body itself, such as the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency. Here is a restriction table that will guide you generally in conducting an SMS campaign!


Maintaining Consistency

Like other types of marketing, you must utilize the unique character of your marketing media and market. If you don’t have it, you should create your guide and use it as a basis for your SMS marketing agenda.

When sending messages to customers, of course, you want to send messages that are valuable to be delivered in each SMS, but months of not being connected via SMS with your customers will most likely cause customers to stop subscribing or no longer care about your SMS blast campaign. Try to stay connected with them. The trick is to set an effective routine schedule according to your market.

One of the most successful product business corporations utilizing SMS marketing, such as St * RB * cks, sends at least one message a week to stay in the minds of their customers. The two donut retailers I mentioned earlier also consistently do it. With the promo buy 6 get 6 free, makes us think of visiting both stores if you want to buy donuts in large quantities, right?

Integrating Media Channels

Integrate all media channels that your company has. All channels can be in the form of email, your social media accounts, blogs and of course SMS marketing. How do you integrate it? There are many ways. One is to equate the style of language related to the delivery of messages, to equate your designation for customers, or to equate the core of your message or what value your company wants to emphasize to customers.

That’s a complete guide for you regarding SMS blast marketing. Also, we have shown statistical data that shows how meaningful SMS marketing is today, where almost everyone uses cell phones both traditional and smartphones. We also describe the benefits that you can achieve if you do this one marketing strategy consistently and carefully.If you need SMS Blast services. We, TOG Indonesia gladly help you. For more information, click the link below


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