SMS marketing campaigns remain popular for product promotion amidst free chatting applications. According to a research by Dynmark in 2013, a significant number of customers needed only 15 minutes to response an SMS marketing message. Dynmark examined around one billion SMS messages that were using 42 mobile device types in some countries.

The data reinforces the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns as your promotion tool. With smartphone is always at a customer’s hand, sending an SMS is like hitting the right target. In addition, 90% of all text messages are read just three minutes after being received. Sending an SMS marketing is deemed more promising than sending emails.

While SMS delivery opens such a huge chance for brand exposure, you must apply ethics when it comes to engage with would-be or existing customers. Some regulations or ideas need to top your mind thereby you can take full advantages of SMS marketing campaigns.

Varying marketing contents

Create a list of SMS marketing contents that range from reminders to new product promotion. Although your subscribers know that SMS marketing campaigns mostly relate to product, you need not focus all on the subject. Doing so makes them feeling bored.

Therefore, collect ideas on what contents should you include in SMS marketing campaigns. For example, you can remind the customers on expiry date upon products or services they use. Another idea is informing them on upcoming events held by your brand.

Applying personalized-inspired wording can boost the engagement. Using first-person narrative, such as “I” and “you”, sound simple but intimate. They will feel they are part of your brand.

Choose perfect timing before sending an SMS. If you want to deliver an SMS outside your country, consider time adjustment. Typically, people would love to read and open an SMS during business hours, from 9 am until 5 pm. Stick to that conventional rule for bigger chance of SMS readability.

Formulating elegant call-to-action statements

Surely, creating on-target SMS marketing campaigns isn’t always easy. Within 160 characters, you need to convey a marketing campaign that attracts receivers’ minds. It sometimes happens that some companies send SMS marketing that focus on call-to-action only. This typical SMS marketing will drag customers away. They will get annoyed receiving overly explicit SMS marketing frequently.

As such, formulate call-to-action statements that are wrapped in implicit and graceful ways. Use short words to invite subscribers doing what you want. For example, “Grab it fast before it ends on March 15,2020!”. Other expressions include “Let’s join our campaign as it helps reducing body weight in 7 days!”.