Few Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) businesses use Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing, because they think that this strategy is more suitable for large companies. If you see the benefits and advantages provided by SMS Marketing this can be a very appropriate way to maintain good relations with customers as well as promotional media that is cheaper than advertising.

According to data about 97% people immediately open the message received on their cellphone. This is better if we only send emails to prospective customers or customers of your business. that is why SMS Marketing can be one of the most potent and effective marketing strategies in bringing customers to the continuity of your business in the future.

However, you need to know that SMS marketing has many other advantages that can help you reach and bring in customers like.

Faster SMS marketing

SMS marketing

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The point is that users will receive SMS more quickly from you because they tend to hold their mobile almost every time, especially when someone has received an incoming SMS to their cellphone, and will immediately open and read it.

The cost of SMS marketing is affordable

You need to know that the cost to use SMS marketing is very affordable. This is inversely proportional to when you make flyers, banners for billboards or when you make advertisements that will later to be shown on television to introduce your business to prospective customers.

SMS marketing you can monitor

SMS marketing

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SMS marketing allows you to monitor after sending a lot of SMS to your prospective customers, whether the number of cases received by the customer, the SMS that is read by the customer and the SMS that is not received by the prospective customer you can monitor. This is very helpful for you in marketing your business.

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But there are things you need to know when you want to use SMS marketing to promote your business so that it can run smoothly. Here are some tips you can do before using marketing SMS.

Understand SMS Marketing Rules and Conditions

Different countries have different rules for sending SMS blasts to potential customers. SMS policies and regulations are usually regulated by law and official institutions or bodies such as the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency. And may not contain spamming ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations (SARA), pornographic, defamatory, deceiving or offending SMS recipients.

Use SMS Marketing with SenderID and trusted

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If you know a free online messaging system. Does the system guarantee that your messages are encrypted, sent with SenderID and sent quickly? Without these three, messages will be ineffective even if they are free.

Determining the time will determine your success

When you want to send an SMS blast to prospective customers, the thing you have to consider is the time before sending the SMS. Because sending promotional messages at the right time will make a purchase decision can be made immediately.

Only uses 160 characters

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When you want to send an SMS Blast to your potential customers, you must ensure that your text character is only up to 160 characters. This is done to prevent the SMS content that you send can be seen entirely because the message is split into two parts. SMS is also used only to send short messages. Long text messages will interfere with customers receiving messages communicated. And customers will not be interested in the SMS promos that you sent them.

CAll to Action (CTA)

Call to Action (CTA) is the recommended action in sending an SMS blast to your potential customers. You can use a website link or business cell phone number as a Call to Action. Use Call To Action so that your promotional message can immediately generate action from customers. Website links or business phone numbers help customers get far more complete information from limited SMS messages.

Send SMS only to customers who have registered

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Make sure that you only send SMS according to the contacts in your database. And indeed customers who have designed to give you the number.

Must be consistent

Consistency is also very important in sending SMS to customers. Set a regular schedule for sending messages to customers. But the thing that you should pay attention to is not to send promotional SMS too often which can result in being considered spam by your customers.

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By knowing tips for doing SMS Marketing, this will enable your MSME business to grow in marketing to your customers. SMS Marketing is indeed very suitable as a promotional medium for the development of your MSME business in a fairly long period.

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