Vendor SMS blast Jakarta refers to SMS provider in Indonesia’s capital that can deliver promotional messages at once for subscribers around the world. Like SMS blast providers in other cities, the service provider in Jakarta performs similar tasks that produces plentiful benefits as their peers in other nations.

Vendor SMS blast Jakarta takes advantage on the nature of Short Message Service/SMS that can reach people across cellphone type without Internet connection wherever they are. This what makes SMS remain pivotal for marketers despite growing free chat apps that require solid Internet connection.

In Jakarta, you’ll discover the following advantages provided that you select most appropriate SMS blast vendor. Below details the benefits as well as guides your way for selecting best vendor SMS blast Jakarta as you’re about to expand your business in the commerce hub of Indonesia.

More Affordable

Broadcasting marketing SMS requires more affordable budget as compared to conventional platforms, such as pamphlets, brochures and stickers. In addition, SMS is way below the cost for television ads. With the relatively low budget, you can spread your promotional messages to wide audiences.

SMS broadcast suits best for any business types, from small to large ones. Nowadays, there are many SMS providers that accommodate for customized budget that will adjust your business scale and budget.


It’s really hard to ensure your promotional messages “hit” targeted consumers. Even so, it’s difficult to calculate how many people actually read your brochures, pamphlets or stickers. Else, television ads appear for some seconds or minutes only. Unless the ads often appear on the screen, chances are viewers will easily forget your brand.

SMS blast, however, offers personal message that can speak right to the recipients’ hearts. Technology advancement allows proven statistic on how many recipients who receive your SMS. You’ll also find out how many messages that are failed to reach targeted recipients. Thereby, you can utilize the fact for evaluating how effective your SMS is.


It’s possible that you email blasts end up in your recipient’s spam. They will find the sort of email unimportant thus reluctant to open it. SMS blast, on the other hand, goes straight to recipient’s inbox. They will find it easier to store information or promotion and look it up anytime they want.

Pride itself in technological advancement, our company is your one-stop SMS blast solutions in Jakarta and beyond. We will meet your expectations as probably highlighted in the advantages of the article given our lengthy expertise in this field, state-of-the-art technology under the skilled staffs behind the machine.

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