The question of what is A2P SMS market after the COVID-19 pandemic breeds concerns for the A2P industry players. The condition greatly changes as businesses are closed off while some shift online.

The impacts of the outbreak have encouraged many brands to launch their applications to reach out to potential and existing customers. As more and more people are being held at homes, two facts happened at least throughout 2020. The first one was the growing number of people watching television and listening to the radio. On the other hand, there was a great portion of those who viewed their smartphone more often.

What Is A2P SMS Market for Supporting This Year’s Business?

Before touching on the issue of what is A2P SMS market this year, we would like to repeat the A2P basic rules. A2P SMS is also called an enterprise or professional SMS. A2P SMS is part of the SMS industry that enables companies or institutions to deliver business texts or alerts on their products, services, or transactions.

A2P SMS involves applications that will send business texts to recipients’ mobile phones. It offers some advantages. It accommodates comfortable message delivery for the subscribers. It helps the senders deliver quick messages that guarantee secure performance. The A2P technology deploys high-end and secure systems for enabling quick and secure delivery.

In relation to what is A2P SMS market, SMS remains the top communication tool. People still love reading an SMS despite the free chatting applications, such as LINE and WhatsApp.

The outbreak has hit hardest all business lines and sizes, from micro to big ones throughout the world. As previously mentioned, the A2P SMS market is growing thanks to the rising number of firms going digital. The digital transformation will continue to flourish this year with many companies enlarging their online shops.

Many brands will invest in digital communication than offline retail marketing. The trend will persist because internet and smartphone prices are getting more affordable. At the same time, brands will need to diversify their digital communication contents. They will need to deploy an omnichannel marketing tool to assist customer’s journeys. SMS will have a greater say about this.

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